Repeat It Or Delete It is back!  Season 2 kicks off this Wednesday at 6PM!

What's that?  You have some questions about how Repeat It Or Delete It will go down this year?  No problem, your questions are answered below.

When can I hear Repeat It Or Delete It? Repeat It Or Delete It can be heard Wednesday's and Saturday's at 6PM on 98.3 The Snake.  Saturday's show is a repeat of Wednesday's show.

How do I vote for my favorite bands on Repeat It Or Delete It? The voting is a bit different this time around.  Snake VIP's can still vote online HERE.  You can also vote at Diamondz Bar and Grill on 220 West Main Street in Jerome.  Or you can vote at Puff N Stuff Smoke Shop in the Lincoln Plaza in Jerome.  Snake VIP's can pick up a Bonus Code worth 25,000 Snake VIP Points at those locations also!

How are the bands matched up this year? This year the bands were all matched up randomly.  Here's this year's line-up:

Show the bands how much you love them by getting out and voting!  The band with the most votes each week will return to fight another day.

What happens after WEEK 7? After Week 7 and all the bands have had a chance to compete, the REPEATED bands will be back to compete in the semi-finals and eventually we will have only 2 bands remaining.

Don't forget, if you love them, vote for them!  Any other questions?  Post them below.  Or if you would like Kendra Wolfe to ask the bands a specific question, let her know here!