I would much prefer to share my usual strange and goofy things that I come across on the Internet. Unfortunately, this does not fall into that fun, but weird category. There are multiple reports that at least 2 of North Korea's missiles could easily reach Idaho.

I found the first report on Foreign Policy.com. It asks the question "Can North Korea's Missiles Reach U.S. Shores?". According to their data, the answer is yes. Two missiles that they have listed can even reach Idaho.

There is both good and bad news about this.

First, the bad news. The KN-14 is a missile that North Korea possesses and it can reach targets up to 10,000 kilometers away. The KN-08 can travel even further with a strike distance up to 11,500 kilometers. Both of those could hypothetically reach Idaho.

Another website, Missile Threat, also lists a missile called the "Taepodong" as being capable of reaching our part of America.

Now, the good news. According to these sources, the KN-08 and KN-14 have not yet been successfully tested. Whew.

What happens if North Korea ever successfully tests these missiles and displays the ability to hit a majority of the United States? The Atlantic asked the same question. They speculated that even though North Korea doesn't have a space program that could REALLY test the ability of these missiles to attack us, the uncertainty is unnerving. But, they also admitted that due to fuels that have been seen in recent tests, the missiles we know they have could fly even further than previously thought.

Just some food for thought as you watch the international news of this crisis developing, that it may hit closer to home than any of us want to believe.

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