This is why spiked seltzers > beer. Truly would never do me like this.

Starting Friday, low-alcohol beer will be removed from grocery store shelves throughout the state of Utah. And on Wednesday, beer drinkers in the state celebrated the end of 3.2 percent beer, which had been mandated by law, by throwing a funeral procession in Salt Lake City.

The gathering included an appearance by the real Budweiser Clydesdales, as well as revelers getting an extra day's use out of their Halloween skeleton costumes.

“It’s been a good run, but its time for you to move on. We’re done,” says Utah resident Stacy Manzaneres. “I think it’s a step forward for a lot of people here who would like to be treated like adults.”

Minnesota is now the last state in the U.S. mandating lower-ABV beer.

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