Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix has announced the return of Lady Croft in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

This E3 trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider features a very distressed Lara Croft, visibly shaken by the events of the 2013 series reboot, taking on another adventure. But first, the trailer starts off with the lovely Lara confiding her experiences to a psychiatrist in response to everything she experienced the last time we saw her.

While the conversation with her psychiatrist continues, Lara can be seen with a new compound bow, picking off an enemy from the darkness. We hear her psychiatrist's advice as Lara proceeds past the corpse of the soldier, moving through a dank, icy cavern and holding a torch in an all-too-familiar pose. Lara then is seen entering an wide-open cavern that has an immense tomb in the background.

Rise of the Tomb Raider will be coming during Q4 2015.

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