For more than a quarter century, many legends in rock music have been placing their guitar orders from a shop right here in the good old 208 area code. One of the store's VIPs just happens to play guitar for The Rolling Stones, and is celebrating his 74th birthday today.

Bolin Guitars, in Boise, has been cranking out custom made guitars since the eighties. The brand's clients include Keith Richards (happy birthday), Jimmy Paige, Steve Miller, Lyle Lovett and several other big names in rock, according to the shop's website.

The 36th Street business is run by John Bolin, and his son Jake. ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons, who turned 68 this past Saturday, first bought a Bolin guitar in 1985, which helped catapult the company to success, according to the Bolin website.

The above YouTube video is a nice behind-the-scenes look at how the company started, and visual proof of just how much of an art form this craft really is. When Bolin starts making air guitars, it might just be time for me to shred.

Here's to rocking!




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