Pop singer Michelle Branch, best known for a string of hits between 2001 and 2004, has decided to tackle the Rolling Stones‘ ‘Play with Fire.’ The original version, which was No. 66 on our recent list of the Top 100 Rolling Stones Songs, was the B-side of their 1965 hit ‘The Last Time.’

Branch removes the baroque harpsichord touches of the Stones’ version and replaces it with a variety of open tuned guitars and percussion, which helps keeps the original’s menace. She doesn’t change the gender, which puts a stay-away-from-my-man spin on it. But that still causes a bit of confusion in the last verse, when she threatens to send her back to her mother, which makes it sound like she’s singing it to her roommate. It’s also hard to tell if the Arizona-born Branch gets references to the London districts mentioned in the lyrics.

Play with Fire’ was produced by Grammy-winning John Leventhal, who also produced Branch’s ‘Hotel Paper,’ which went to No. 2 in 2003. Leventhal is married to the wonderful singer-songwriter Rosanne Cash.

Branch’s upcoming album, ‘West Coast Time,’ does not yet have a release date. It is not known if her version of ‘Play with Fire’ will be included. The song first appeared on her Tumblr on Aug. 29.

Listen to Michelle Branch’s Cover of ‘Play with Fire’

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