A cryptic message and silhouetted photo from Rovio has left us pondering about the next incarnation of Angry Birds.

This recent posting on Rovio's official Twitter has left fans worldwide scratching their heads as to what the next game could possibly be about.

In all honesty, just as long as it retains the amazing physics engine and quirky silliness of the previous titles, we'll be happy. Nevertheless, there is still plenty of room for the slingshooting birds to expand and grow. In the picture, we see the silhouettes of our favorite, albeit slightly different, birds while a twisted tree branch with some sort of egg resting on it looms overhead. Given the pointy shape of what is ever on that branch, we can assume that it's not a bird, and it's not a pig.

Rovio promises more details tomorrow, so we won't have to wait long to uncover the mystery of the new Angry Birds.

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