I'm trying to be less of a fatty, plus at the end of organized Five K's there is usually free food and sometimes free beer!  No guarantees about the Kimberly Good Neighbor Days Five K,  but I do know it's a lot of fun to run with friends.  So come out friends and run with me!

I will be there.  They're not paying me for it, I'm not getting in for free, I'm just gonna be there...oh and I won't have a Bonus Code (if you really want one, let me know and I'll just give you some points).  Now that the legal stuff is out of the way, here's what I know about the Five K:

Kimberly Good Neighbor Days 5K:

  • Saturday, July 7th
  • Race Starts and Ends at Kimberly City Park
  • Registration starts at 7:30AM
  • Race Starts at 8AM
  • $10 to run/walk in the 1 mile
  • $20 to run/walk in the 5K
  • Payment accepted is cash or check only. No cards
  • Don't drink booze the night before...OK that's just a suggestion.

So who's in?

No matter what you choose, there is a LOT to do all weekend long in celebration of Kimberly Good Neighbor Days.   Enjoy!

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