Normally when I scan the "missed connections" section of the Twin Falls Craigslist page, I look for an encounter that I can share in a fun, yet impish sort of way. In this case, I'm truly rooting for this guy.

A January 19, 2020, Twin Falls post to this rather provocative, and often erotically- stained section of Craigslist, has compelled me once again to get this out to the public in hopes of getting two people together again.

I have to admit, I've never had anything remotely close to a potential hookup at a bowling alley. Prior to getting married, I tended to avoid trying to meet women in places where I had to put on a pair of shoes worn by 75,000 other people right from the get-go.

Now that I think about it, I might have been completely wrong all along. A venue that routinely includes music, beer and laser lights (for night bowling), might just be the perfect setting to make a move. It's more exciting than a library, and I know two people that met, and later married, while jointly searching for microfiche. (Shhhhhh!)

snip bowling (1)

This is once again a case of a local guy doing everything right, except getting those digits. I respect this guy's approach too. He gives his name, says he's interested in a drink, and puts the ball in her court. Nice work Scott!

We are still missing two important pieces of the puzzle. Which bowling alley? And, when did this interaction take place. Maybe someone out there knows something.

Good luck Scott!

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