It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Well, kind of. Santa Claus has made the announcement that he will be coming to the Magic Valley Mall starting this month. 

If you have been naught, get on the nice list

You can pay Santa a visit and get yourself on the nice list all at once! On November 20th Santa and the Magic Valley Mall will be collecting donations of canned foods and other things to distribute to families in need over the holidays. Christmas is all about spreading love and joy, what better way than to donate to those in need to make sure they get a full belly and some joy.

What is the event all about?

Saturday, November 20th starting at noon it is Giving Day at the Magic Valley Mall. You can bring the kids to get their photos with Santa Claus. Bringing something like a canned food item will help this event. Santa Clause will be in his Hot Rod Sleigh! Heck yes!

What to donate

Donate any canned foods you may have. I would probably focus on things you would normally see on a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner table but those aren't the only items they need. Any food helps keep someone's belly full. I am sure they will take any toys you may want to donate as well. It is all about giving on November 20th and helping the community that we love.

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