'Scream 4' might have failed to carve out any real attempt at reinvigorating the franchise, with its relatively poor box office performance and moderate critical reception, but that isn't stopping MTV from taking another stab at it. Almost one year after the rumors first began to bleed out, we've learned that MTV has given an official pilot order to a potential 'Scream' TV series, including an offer for horror master Wes Craven to direct! Get the first bloody details inside!

The rules of the horror movie genre clearly state that the killer always comes back for one last scare, and the rules of TV have proven to be no different. After under-performing at the box office in 'Scream 4,' the 'Scream' franchise will officially return as a new series at MTV, which granted a pilot order. The network has begun recruiting writers to the new project with Dimension Films, while original 'Scream' director Wes Craven has entered negotiations to helm the pilot episode.

Should MTV decide to take 'Scream' to series, the franchise's rebirth would likely debut in summer 2014 along with its other scripted fare, such as 'Teen Wolf' or 'Awkward.' DiGa Vision will produce the pilot with former MTV executives Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley serving as executive producers, while no story details have yet been announced, whether to reboot the story or follow an original tale within the established universe.

What say you? Would you be interested in MTV's 'Scream' TV series? How do you think they should approach the franchise?

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