The Twin Falls Animal Shelter shared the story of a senior dog named Sam who is one of their longest tenants. The senior pup is looking for his forever home, and even though he walks a little funny, he has a ton of love to give.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter profile describes Sam as a loving senior dog. He walks a little funny because he got hit by a car when he was little. That doesn't mean he can't do things! I would totally have a dog that walks like a duck!

The shelter said that he does not get along with cats, which can be a deterent. However, he likes dogs his size and people of all shapes and sizes! He would be a great family dog or a great dog for someone who wants someone to chill out with at home and cuddle.

The poor pup has been left behind 388 times. 388 other animals have been chosen over him. That has to be heartbreaking for a dog his age. I know a lot of people don't always want a senior dog. But senior dogs are the best. There is less training needed, they are super loving, they don't chew on things. I feel like the biggest issue with Sam is his dislike for cats.

A concrete floor is no place for a senior pup. He needs a soft couch to spend out his days. Anyone looking for a fur baby?

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