We've seen 'Sesame Street' take on everything from 'Sons of Anarchy' to 'Boardwalk Empire,' but the long-running PBS series' "Homeland" parody might be the most spot-on yet. Bringing Carrie, Brody, Saul and the rest to life as "Homelamb," you might be surprised by the adult humor 'Sesame Street' manages to cram into its latest parody.

Via USA Today, "Homelamb" tellingly reinvents the Showtime drama's cast as lambs, save for black sheep David Estes, and Nicholas "Bahhhhh-rody" taking the form of a wolf in sheep's clothing, complete with requisite ginger tuft of hair. It's amazing to think how well 'Sesame Street' manages to adapt Carrie's (excuse us, Caaaaaaaah-rie's) psychotic lust for Brody into a kids program, still paying enough attention to perfect the way Claire Danes' ears peek through her hair.

If anything, "Homelamb" gives us more enjoyment from the Showtime Emmy-winner than we've had in weeks, even with last night's "The Yoga Play" unfolding more competently than the absurd twist that capped off the fourth episode of the current season, "Game On." Now, please excuse us while we shower off the visual of a Claire Danes sheep puppet thrusting her body onto wolf Nicholas Brody, and enjoying it just a bit too much for children's television.

See 'Sesame Street''s 'Homeland' parody, "Homelamb," for yourself up above, and tell us what you think of the current season in the comments! What adult TV drama should the famed kids show tackle next?

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