When I think of Idaho, I think of many things. Being a great place to raise a rock star is not one of them. (Sorry, Nikki Sixx) But, according to a new ranking, one of our cities is most excellent when it comes to inspiring the next great musician.

Care.com, of all places, came up with this list which broke down the likelihood of cities to provide the next big musical thing. Their methodology is simple: access to music lessons. When all the numbers were crunched, guess which Idaho city made their top 100?

That's right. Boise. Again. I'm starting to think that all Boise does is sit in a room together and figure out how to make lists.

Two locations in Washington state also made the Care.com list, which makes sense especially if you love flannel. The one city that makes me think this list is completely invalid: Ogden. Yes, Ogden made the top 100, too. Have these people ever been to Utah? Rhythm is not in the DNA there.

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