Theft is the obvious reason certain stores keep certain items in a locked case. When it comes to pleasure toys, do people really make a mad dash for the exit with dildo in hand?

My wife pointed something out to me the other day while we were shopping at Walmart. For years I've walked the aisles of the store and never notice that pleasure toys are sold there. The Twin Falls store even lists them online.

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Buzzing for a sales associate can be a giant test of patience. I know I've stood around for 15 to 20 minutes waiting on things that I couldn't figure out for the life of me why a key was needed to put them in my cart.

Knives, guns, and other hunting supplies should be locked up. The Walmarts that sell alcohol in the country should be locking inventory up. I can certainly understand why electronics such as $70 Xbox games should be behind a locked case.

I've seen some stores lock up fake eyelashes and nail polish. Really? Standing around for 10 minutes waiting for a camping propane tank is kind of dumb in my opinion. It would be very hard to conceal a propane tank from a receipt checker.

Twin Falls does have an Adam & Eve store for those that don't want to buzz a Walmart associate for assistance with pleasure products. I remember having the privilege of doing a live remote from the location at 1111 Blue Lakes Boulevard North for the grand opening back in 2021. It was an interesting couple of hours to say the least.

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