I realize some people won't talk to you if they see that you are wearing flip flops because they HATE them. However, there are a lot of people that love flip flops and practically live in them from March to November. According to Health.com, there are a few times that you should not be wearing flip-flops.

1. Don't walk your dog in flip-flops.  A study in 2009 found 18,000 different types of bacteria on one pair of flip-flops, including fecal matter. Eww!

2.  Don't wear flip-flops on a long walk. Some studies suggest that wearing flip-flops makes you take shorter strides, so you're more likely to fall.  Flip-flops also don't have the support that is needed for your ankles, knees, back, etc. So wearing them while you are walking for an extensive time period isn't a good idea.

3.  When you're mowing the lawn. If you like having toes you may want to wear regular shoes or boots.

4.  When you're cooking.  You have to worry about things like boiling water, grease splatters, and knives you might drop. I guess this means I shouldn't cook barefoot either.

5.  Don't wear flip-flops in a crowded place.  Eventually your toes will get stepped on and you risk completely losing one of your flip-flops.  will step on your foot, and you'll understand why.

6.  When you're driving.  It's a myth that it's illegal.  Your flip-flops can fall off and get wedged under the pedals.

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