If you live in the Magic Valley you might have seen an interesting car around the past few days. It's not an alien, but it is watching you.

Earlier this week, I was working at my desk when a car driving by caught my eye. "The Google Car!" I exclaimed, surprising my coworker who couldn't see it from his desk. Again on Friday, it passed me as I was driving on the north side of Twin Falls. Luckily I happened to pull into a lot and snap a picture of the miraculously clean car while it was stuck at a red light.

Maybe I'm strange, but I'm fascinated by the Google Street View cars. They're a giant easter egg roaming the world. Plus, it's even more difficult to figure out how to get the gig to drive it! I remember years ago my dad and I hovered over our (now) comically large HP computer reading an article about how you get hired as a Google Street View car driver. Turns out, it's harder than you think. I believe the whole conversation started because we either heard about it on NPR, or the question was prompted after seeing the car drive by ourselves.

Having the job of a Google Street View Car Driver has to be pretty cool. Yeah, some might think it's boring to drive up and down the streets all day, but think of all the people watching you could do! Google hasn't uploaded their new photos yet, but once they do you can check it out here.

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