Last week, I showed my NES controller coffee table, and put out the call to Snake listeners to submit any projects they might want to share.

The call is still good!  I would love to see what other people are making.  And as always, this is a "no criticism" zone :-).

All materials, crafts, hobbies, gadgets, professional projects, etc are welcome.  If you made it, it's fair game.  Want to take pictures along the way as you make your project?  Perfect!  Final product only?  Great!  Send in those pictures.  And don't hesitate to email me directly!

I'm excited that we're actually backlogged with listener projects, so if yours doesn't get posted immediately, don't worry!

This beautiful end table comes from listener Barbie Box via Facebook who, in addition to having the coolest and most project-appropriate name ever, has a very skilled husband who made this piece out of burl.

Barbie Box, Facebook
Barbie Box, Facebook

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