A new martial arts studio opened during the beginning of October 2019 in Twin Falls.

Snake River Kajukenbo was started by Steven Taylor, a 5th Degree Black Belt student in Kajukenbo.

Taylor said he moved to Twin Falls in April 2019 to pursue a career training and teaching students in his own school.

Kajukenbo was founded back in 1947 by five martial artists in Hawaii. The name comes from the following styles of arts that are incorporated into Kajukenbo:

KA: Tang Soo Do Karate (fighting style)
JU: Se Keino Ryu Judo (fighting with grapple and throwing techniques)
KEN: Koshu Ryu Kenpo (fast-hitting techniques)
BO: Chu'an Fa Kung Fu (boxing)

Taylor says the defense martial art helps people know how to protect themselves. While the school is focused on Kajukenbo, Taylor said his classes also teach Karate, Jujitsu, Kenpo, Judo, and Kung Fu. He also encourages his students to compete along with testing them for belt promotion throughout the program.

Aside from group classes, Taylor also offers individual lessons. The individual lessons can be combined with HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), yoga, meditation, and pilates.

Taylor has been a Kajukenbo student himself since 2002 and was promoted to student black belt back in June 2009. He currently trains and teaches students with the guidance of his own teacher, SGM Paz. SGM Paz also mentors the instructors at seven other Kajukenbo schools in the Treasure Valley.

You can read more about what the Snake River Kajukenbo offers by visiting their website. If you're interested in scheduling a lesson or signing up for a class, you can call 208-318-4569.

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