For those that own kayaks in the Magic Valley, a throwback video upload to YouTube is a great lesson on what we should be doing to social-distance.

Right now, it appears the vast majority of people in Twin Falls are choosing to social distance at two places. Those being Home Depot and Lowe's. Hitting the Snake River on your kayak, boat or paddleboard, would be a much more effective way to help our community snuff out the Coronavirus. No mask needed.

I have yet to get my kayak in the water in 2020. It speaks to me every day in our shop as my wife and I continue to knock out spring chores, and each day I'm more and more disappointed I haven't been able to get out yet. As far as social-distancing, nothing makes more sense to me than engaging in any sort water recreational activity. Kayaking within six feet of another, unless it's family or a friend, is almost always frowned upon.

A 2019 YouTube video posted last spring is great example of how we should be separating ourselves from one another during this COVID-19 crisis. The water beneath the Perrine Bridge is, for the most part, wide open right now.

Mother's Day (May 10) is looking like it's going to be the best day of the year so far to be out on the water. I recommend holding off on picking up more potting soil or bird seed, and spending the day social-distancing like these people did.

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