With Lena Dunham hosting the show, there was no way 'SNL' wasn't going to do some kind of 'Girls' parody. And with the recent release of 'Son of God' and the impending arrival of 'Noah,' there was no way the show wasn't going to take a shot at the recent biblical movie revival. So here we are, with a hilarious fake trailer for 'Girl,' which simultaneously skewers the story of Adam and Even and your average episode of HBO's 'Girls.'

The sketch should be funny to just about everyone, but it'll be especially funny to people who are familiar with Dunham's work as a writer and actor. Her Eve is just like her Hannah: selfish, neurotic and completely unable to take care of herself (she even complains to God that she doesn't have health insurance). Taran Killiam shows up as well, breaking out an Adam Driver impression that's nothing less than perfect, capturing the Adam/Hannah dynamic. The weirdest joke involves Vanessa Bayer playing Zosia Mamet's Shoshana as a talking snake.

Usually, 'SNL' fake trailers are one joke told very well. But you know what? We'd watch two hours of Hannah, Adam and Snake Shoshana wandering about the Garden of Eden.

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