One of our favorite 'SNL' traditions remains that departed cast members often return as hosts in their own right, as recently seen with 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine''s Andy Samberg. Say what you will about Adam Sandler's current comedic tastes, but given his ubiquitous stardom, what's stopping the fellow 'SNL' alum from ever hosting an episode in return?

Having been fired from 'SNL' in 1995 along with fellow comedic legend Chris Farley, Sandler recently spoke to yet another notable alum, Norm MacDonald, who asked Sandler why he never returned to host an episode. You can hear the conversation for yourself above (around the 17:00 mark), but in a nutshell, Sandler doubts that his own comedic chops would prove well-suited to hosting:

Why should I? I don’t know how good it would be. I’m slow now…There are guys who love doing it, guys who are great at doing it, I just don't know how good I'd be doing it. I did what I could do on that show.

'Blended' or 'Grown-Ups' not withstanding, we'd certainly have been interested to see Sandler dust off a few 'SNL' classics, or at least make an earnest go of hosting down the line. If nothing else, we wouldn't be surprised to see him having some involvement with the 40th anniversary special this coming February. What do you think? Is Adam Sandler past the point of ever hosting 'SNL' again? What other alum would you want to see take up the reigns?

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