As expected, last weekend's 'SNL' featuring Louis C.K. offered up an even mix of laughs and groans, some sketches falling flat while others stood as tall as Abraham Lincoln's stovepipe hat.  This weekend's newest outing will go back to basics however, as 'Les Miserables' star and Hollywood sweetheart Anne Hathaway picks up hosting duties for the third time, with musical guest Rihanna.  So what's the one thing Anne Hathaway has that Louis C.K. doesn't, as highlighted by the new promos?  Sexy, sexy hair.

'Saturday Night Live' is hoping the third time will be charm for this weekend's host Anne Hathaway, not that we didn't enjoy the first two times around.  Hathaway will take the stage once more, with musical guest Rihanna, and the latest promos have plenty of magic with co-star Jason Sudeikis.  But truly, who has the better-looking hair?  Forget the ontological breaks and what-ifs.  These are the kinds of questions that keep us up at night sometimes.

Take a look at Anne Hathaway in the promos below for this weekend's all new installment of 'Saturday Night Live,' and tell us what you think in the comments!  Will Anne Hathaway's third outing be as charming as the first two, or will it leave us feeling 'Les Miserables?'

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