We all had fantasy's last night about the Mega Millions Lottery and how we would spend the money, but what I want to know is, How Would You Quit Your Job?

It's settled, if you won the lotto, we all would quit our jobs. But how would you quit?

Option 1: You could take the high road, because karma is real!

So you win the lotto and you FREAK out at home! But you tell no one else. Not even your family.

You call off of work the very next day and you take care of biznass. Talk to a layer, a financial planner, get insured up to your ears. Then you put in your two week notice and quit normally. Just leave normally, as if you were changing any job.

Option 2: Burn the bridge down to the ground!

Hey, I do believe that karma is real, but I've always wanted to quit like this: (BEWARE NOT SAFE FOR WORK F BOMBS AHEAD)

If you ask me that red head deserved a burger thrown in his face. :-)

So how would you quit if you won the lotto?