Keep in mind kids have predicted the last three elections.

Some Magic Valley students are participating in Every Kid Votes. Every Kid Votes is a website that hosts a mock trial 2016 Presidential Election and state elections. This may not seem important, but remember that kids have predicted the last three elections. 

Students that participate are educated about each candidate before voting. If your Magic Valley student has participated in this, you will know. Most students that participated couldn't wait to get home to discuss the election with their parents.

Every Kid Votes main objective is to educate students about the importance of voting and inform them about their local and national government.

The most interesting aspect of Every Kid Votes is the results. The voting ended on November 4th. Across the nation, Hillary Clinton came in at 69.8%. Donald Trump came in at 29.5%. Gary Johnson came in at 0.5% for the electoral votes. Jill Stein had 0%.

In the popular vote, Hillary Clinton came in with 381,004 votes, (48.7%). Donald Trump came in with 285,623 votes, (36.5%). Gary Johnson came in with 57,692 votes, (7.3%). Jill Stein came in with 57,919 votes, (7.4%).

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