If you haven't been fishing at Dierkes Lake yet this spring, the fish are biting and I can prove it. A couple just shared a video of their trip and the trout were practically jumping in the boat.

This is a very high quality video, by the way. Not "high quality" as in this is better than Star Wars. But, "high quality" as in high resolution and it's clear. What you will clearly see in this video is a couple catching trout - lots and lots of trout.

I have a feeling that many will take issue with another thing in this video. This couple not only uses a boat, but a motorized boat. According to the city of Twin Falls website, that is a no-no.

In the video, the dude says that someone told them they could launch the boat because "no one is there and she don't care". Alrighty, then.

But, hey, I'm not their mother. I'm just happy to see someone catching some fish. I am easily entertained.

Maybe, if we're lucky, someone will scuba dive in Dierkes again and see if anything new is under the water.

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