The eight-year anniversary of one of Idaho's most ghastly crimes is getting closer. Two cowards entered a convenience store in southwest Idaho and shot a clerk to death just days before Christmas in 2014, and it's time they pay for their crimes.

Idaho police believe that the two gutless individuals that entered Jackson's Food Store on the evening of December 17, 2014, and murdered Christopher Reese are a pair of middle-aged, husky, caucasian males. No arrests have been made in the case to date.

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Eight years is a long time for a family member to endure not knowing who took the life of a loved one. Since nothing has come from the countless number of stories written about this heinous act (including one I wrote in 2021), I thought I'd try something different. While anything I say about this case is purely speculation due to the fact that I'm not a trained law enforcement officer, maybe if I ruminate about the case as a novice, someone might have a revelation as to who these two men are.

If you watch the surveillance footage, the first murderer to enter the store appears to have light-colored eyes. These two drove in the same car to the store, according to details in the case, so they likely knew one another for some time prior to the crime. I'm guessing they don't communicate very much anymore, and probably don't reside in the state of Idaho. I'd get out of dodge too if I were a cold-blooded killer who was involved in this act.

Maybe someone out there once existed in the same social circle as these two individuals who probably live in separate states from one another. Maybe, they met in jail. Perhaps a correctional officer might have interacted with these two.

They both own assault rifles in all likelihood. The fact they used one on a young, defenseless store worker, also tells us they would probably get their asses handed to them in a real fight.

I'm guessing these two heartless individuals are both loners who lack a support system such as a family. If they do have families, they don't deserve them. I wouldn't be surprised if they visit a local bar often to attempt to mask their cowardly act(s).

There is a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. Someone in the western United States likely has knowledge of the murder of Mr. Reese and could help detectives put these two away for life. They've not answered for this murder in nearly eight years.

Please contact the Canyon County Sheriff's Office, at 208-454-7531, if you know who committed this crime.

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