Despite being hacked, the controversy/failure of 'The Interview' and recent attacks on the PSN, Sony is still reigning supreme.

We all know the story of the leaked Sony files, and despite 'The Interview' being unable to pull in the profit that the company had hoped for, PlayStation consoles still managed to have some impressive earnings for this quarter. Eurogamer reports that the numbers start with its Game and Network Services division (PlayStation and various Sony development studios) which had total of 27.6 billion yen (roughly $235 million) pulled in this quarter alone. There were 6.4 million PlayStation 4 units shipped out last quarter and Sony saw an incredible $147 million in game sales for the company. In the last quarter of 2013, Sony only saw 4.5 million PS4s sold with $104 million made in game sales. All in all, Sony's sales increased a whopping 16.8 percent, which it has credited to a massive increase in PlayStation 4 sales.

To put things in perspective, Microsoft claims it shipped 6.6 million Xbox consoles last quarter. While it would seem this number is bigger than Sony's 6.4 million PS4s shipped, Microsoft's number features the Xbox One and Xbox 360 combined. If you were to compare PS4 to Xbox One sales directly, you would easily be able tell who is winning the console war.

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