Have you ever walked over the Sheep Bridge which spans the Big Wood River? In 2016, one of the ropes broke, so you can't cross it now, But, according to reports, very soon you will be able to once again - if you dare.

Kudos to Only In Your State for noticing this. The legendary Sheep Bridge is known for its perilous conditions where it dares the waters during the spring runoff. According to Only In Your State, the Bureau of Land Management is working to repair the bridge so that humans sheep can once again safely cross. Just remember, "safe" is a relative word.

If you're adventurous and/or a little crazy, you can cross the bridge yourself at your own risk. Head toward Blaine County and see if you're up to it once it's been declared "safe" again.

While you're there, the Blaine County Recreational District has a sweet document with a bunch of historical and fun stuff you can do.

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