The city council of Blackfoot is meeting to discuss whether they should amend an ordinance that would result in the banning of vaping at one of the city's most popular parks.

The council is gathering Tuesday night (July 2) to discuss the matter of vaping at a popular local gathering spot called Jensen Grove Park. The park is located in Bingham County, which is northeast of Twin Falls.

The Blackfoot city council banned cigarette smoking in its parks in 2014, according to information provided by Vaping is the act of smoking a flavored (or non flavored) aerosol by using a battery-powered, electronic devise,  that greatly reduces the amount of smoke exhaled.

There is currently a $100 fine in place for those who violate the city's nicotine ban at area parks. There have been a number of complaints lately by locals about vaping that aided in bringing the matter to the attention of city officials.




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