Authorities in southeastern Idaho have now made multiple arrests in the case of a woman who was allegedly robbed, taken by force by multiple masked individuals, and beaten in what is being described as an act of jealousy and rage.

A second arrest has been made in a March, 2020, reported kidnapping case in Idaho Falls, in which multiple witnesses saw a woman taken by force by masked assailants, according to the latest details shared by the Idaho State Journal.

The incident is still under investigation by local law enforcement, and is reported by the Idaho State Journal to have taken place on March 24 at a mutual friend's residence near Idaho Falls. The victim, who has only been described as female, was reportedly beaten with a tool and brass knuckles after being robbed of several hundred dollars.

The two alleged perpetrators have been identified as 37-year-old Tabatha McKnight, and Maddeline Ovard, 29, have both been taken into custody by Idaho State Police. The Idaho State Journal is also reporting that the victim had her keys stolen, and that her car was used to take her to a rural area in nearby Bingham County. The alleged kidnappers wore masks during the act; it's also been reported that there might have been a third party involved.

The victim sustained multiple injuries, including facial lacerations and a skull fracture, according to the Idaho State Journal. This case is still under investigation.

It has been reported the victim was taken to a nearby canyon in Bingham County by the perpetrators.  

Maddie Meyer
Maddie Meyer

The victim was reportedly taken by at least two females wearing masks from a mutual friend's home.

Chris Furlong
Chris Furlong, Getty Images

Two of the reported kidnappers have been arrested. A third party may have taken part in the act. 

Joe Raedle, Getty Images
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