A southeast Idaho man is facing a felony burglary charge after being arrested following years of carrying out thefts of bowel medication.

Charges have been filed this week in Bonneville County, Idaho, against 26-year-old, Logan Celner. Celner was in court on January 8, 2020, regarding the matter, according to information shared by eastidahonews.com.

Following questioning by police over suspicions Celner was a serial shoplifter, he admitted to taking the medication, Loperamide, which is used to treat diarrhea, once a week going as far back at 2017. Celner had been caught, and questioned by store management, at a 25th Street Albertsons store in Bonneville County.

The man also told police that he had been abusing the medication as a way to get high. Section 18-1403, of Idaho law, identifies burglary as a felony, with a punishment of a one to 10 year jail term.

The main ingredients in Loperamide, an over-the-counter medication, are iron oxide, sodium sulfate, magnesium and Lactose. It's purpose is to decrease the number of bowel movements, and make them less watery. No details were given by police as to whether or not Celner was combining this medication with any others for recreational use.

The medication retails for between $10 and $25 a package, depending on the brand bought. Its not known if Celner had a criminal record prior to this recent arrest. The outcome of Wednesday's court proceedings haven't been made public yet.

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