I think for the most part, Idaho boaters are very cordial when it comes to assisting kayakers and rafters through rough parts of the Snake River.

Just last weekend, a woman boating with her young two sons offered my wife and I a tow from beneath the Perrine Bridge as the sun was beginning to set. We declined, because watching the sun go down from the river was the entire reason we were out so late, but it was still a nice gesture.

In this video posted to YouTube August 14 by Clay Lindquist, it shows good boating etiquette from a group that extended an invitation to Clay when his raft was having difficulties maneuvering through heavy winds. Clay not only had a three hour row through Hell's Canyon cut down to just minutes, but appeared to have a great time in the process.

If I had my choice between Splash Mountain or getting a tow from these guys, I think I'd choose the tow too. And I'd have to crack a beer in the process as well.

Keep up the good work Idaho boaters!


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