Many of us have seen videos of people streaking at soccer events or heard of someone doing it at a graduation or public event back in the day. I am sure at some point we have all had that moment where we think it would be funny to do, but would never actually do it. Maybe you have had the dream where you are naked or in your underwear in front of a class or coworkers, or perhaps you even decided to streak in a dream, only to wake up and be relieved it didn't happen. You hear about it and dream about it, but you never seem to see it happen in person, but recently in Idaho, it did and it was all caught on footage.

Man Streaks at Eastern Idaho State Fair

Last week a man decided to have a fun public romp at the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot, when at the derby that was taking place he decided to strip down to his underwear and run across the track, avoiding multiple security guards, before finally being taken down and into custody. Many fans recorded the event and took in the sight. You hope alcohol played a factor, but perhaps the man was looking for a fun exhibitionist performance that night, but thank goodness he kept his underwear on. You have to feel for the security guards who were assigned the task of having to bring him down.

Streaking at Public Events

If you ever get the urge to do as this man did, do not do it. It will end up getting you arrested, odds are you will be banned from the venue, and the fine that follows will likely not be light. The saving grace is this man did keep his underwear on, which may help the matter a tad, and makes it a little less embarrassing, but it is still not a good idea to ever imitate this man's actions. While the crowd will never forget it, and we can laugh at the video, it is still not a good idea to streak at public events. It was a big thing back in the day, but with cameras everywhere these days, you won't be able to deny it or escape it, and the whole world would be able to see your act. It is best to keep your clothes on at public events.

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While many of us may never see something like this live, it doesn't make it any less entertaining. This one was good because the man didn't show anything he shouldn't, nobody was hurt or harmed, and it all ended up being harmless and fun in the end, minus his repercussions for doing it in the first place. Derbies are naturally entertaining, to begin with, but when you get an extra show like this, you know you got your money's worth. Make sure to not ever become this man, but if you see somebody else do it, make sure you record it so the rest of the world can enjoy the show as well.

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