Money is tight for more of us these days. I'm amazed every time I visit sites like YouTube just how many views specific channels are getting just from doing everyday, average things most of us are doing. Views equal cash online.

I spend a good deal of time in a given week searching online for engaging, outrageous, or shocking content to share feedback on with all of you; it's how I get paid. I know many people that are struggling right now trying to figure out ways to earn extra money. Heck, I'm one paycheck removed from being in serious trouble myself.

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Social sharing sites pay, and they pay very well if you create the right niche. I'm realizing more and more that people like to watch other people in the outdoors, and Idaho has no shortage of wildland. Maybe it's unemployment, high gas prices, or the opportunity to live vicariously through strangers, but millions of people are viewing two things in particular right now on YouTube.

It appears all you need right now to earn millions of channel views (which equals cash) is some sort of floating vessel (kayak or boat will do), fishing poles, bathing suits, or perhaps a small plot of land offering viewers a taste of isolation. Off-grid living, fishing in bathing suits, visiting hot springs, taking hikes, and partaking in other routine activities with your partner appears to be the recipe for earning money online with sites like YouTube.

Maybe it's the voyeur in people, but it's astonishing the number of views and subscribers that are spending time simply watching videos of other people enjoying themselves outdoors. Most of these channels are averaging at least one million views, and there's nothing dirty or demeaning about what these people are doing.

Give it a try Idaho. There's nothing to lose, and you'll be having fun doing it.

(Spoiler: The following videos contain no nudity whatsoever)

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