Is this Flight Attendant Annoying of Awesome?
If you have ever been stuck on an airplane, you know that any entertainment offered is greatly appreciated.
This flight attendant went above and beyond to entertain her guests. She danced to Bruno Mars's "Funk You Up".
Top 6 Things Found By The TSA Last Year
Everybody seems to hate the TSA. And I mean everybody! I bet that when a TSA worker goes through the line before they fly - they hate the TSA. But, for all the hate they get, they do keep a ton of crazy stuff off the planes.
How Many Polocks Does It Take? [VIDEO]
As a Polish-American I grew up non-stop with these types of jokes: "How Many Polocks Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb?"  I can remember my mom always telling me NOT to tell anyone I was Polish, but that just made me want to talk about it even more...

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