Apps for Safe Trick-or-Treating
Kids reach on age where they don't want or need mom and dad to go trick-or-treating with them anymore. If you're kids have reached that age, technology can put your mind at ease.
Thrillbent 3.0 Includes New Comics, App, Subscription Model
Thrillbent, the digital comics publishing website founded by writers Mark Waid and John Rogers, has spent the past two years offering up free comics for pretty much free.
In a Wednesday blog post, Waid unveiled what he's calling "Thrillbent 3.0," which adds another layer of content that Wai…
New Facebook App Will Help You Find Out Who Gave You the Flu
After last year's flu season, which health officials say was one of the mildest in the past 30 years, the illness is back with a vengeance. Well, if you're unlucky enough to currently have the flu, at least a new Facebook app can help track down the diseased jerk who gave it to you in the …
If Only These Apps Existed
David Byrne, former front man from the always quirky "Talking Heads", is an artist in the true sense of the word: Not only is he a musician, but he's also a songwriter, painter, director, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and the list goes on.
One thing he’s know for is his satirical sens…
Lifehacker’s List of the Best iPhone Apps
Power user blog Lifehacker has compiled a list of must-have apps for your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Whether you just bought a new iPhone or you're simply looking for some of the best basic apps for your device, the list below should be plenty to get you started.