When Was The Last Time You Wore A Swim Suit In Public
Believe it or not - some people are uncomfortable going out in less clothes than normally acceptable and swimming. That is what a new study found. Really!? Of course people get self conscious at the pool! You are showing so much more skin in a swim suit - and some suits leave very little to the imag…
Bikini Babe Gets Owned
I watched this video twice, just cause it was fun to watch this chick get rocked by a salty wave.  Maybe I'm just bitter because my lunch today consists of carrot sticks and celery.  YUM!
Bikini Season And A Nasty Toe?
I like to keep things random in my life.  And this week's "A Moment Of Zan" is as random as they come.  We go from a nasty toenail right into bikini season, and it works.  Enjoy!