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At What Point Do You Not Turn Around For A Forgotten Phone [POLL]
At this point, pretty much everyone has a cell phone. I saw on Facebook yesterday that one of my friends had bought a Trac-Phone for her 1 year old to play with! We can't live without these devices and they are all but attached to our bodies. So what happens when, by some dark force of magic, y…
Still Make Calls? [Poll]
I can't count the times I have been busted for screening my calls. Honestly - I hate talking on the phone and the only time I answer is when my wife calls (because I value my life).
New Cell Phone Scam
Yay - here's another reason not to answer my phone. If you get a call from an unknown number and it only rings once,it may be a new cell phone scam. So don't call back unknown numbers.
Ways To Make Your Cell Phone Less Cancerous
So yesterday we learned that according to the World Health Organization, using your cell phone may cause cancer. Well that sucks, considering my job basically requires me to be connected 24/7. So if your like me and you can't toss your cell phone, here's some helpful tips on how to make …

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