ITD Remembers Idaho's Greatest Man-Made Disaster
Sunday, June 5, marks the 40th anniversary of the Teton Dam disaster in Idaho.
The following is from ITD Information Specialist Reed Hollinshead:
BOISE, Idaho (PRESS RELEASE) - The Teton River Canyon echoed with the sickening sound of an unstoppable force breaking through earthen defenses and fin…
Would You Steal Food During A Disaster
As usual this time of the year in the North East states the snow has quickly accumulated! Some parts had 2 feet fall in only a few hours and other areas have over 5 feet of snow blanketing their towns. They can't go out for a drive to get food - they have to get it from somewhere close.
Challenger Disaster Remembered
So many little kids answer astronaut when they're asked what they want to be when they grow up. Space exploration is something that many people are still in awe over. It's  always amazing to me when I realize we've been to the moon, and think of all of the discoveries we'…