Justin Bieber Arrested in Miami for DUI
Justin Bieber has been in the news more this year than he has been in his entire career, and we are only 23 days into the new year. His recent activities, make me wonder, if he is going to be the Lindsey Lohan of 2014. I feel bad for this 19 year old young man... the decisions he is making are going…
David Cassidy Gets Another DUI
David Cassidy has been arrested for drunk driving...again.  Cassidy, former teen idol was charged with felony DWI yesterday (8/21/13) morning at 2 AM in Schodack, New York.
Before and after solitary confinement
I'm not condoning getting a DUI, that's serious stuff.  Driving while boozed up could kill someone.  Could kill yourself.  Or worse, could get you in twenty-two months of solitary confinement.  That's what happened to this dude at least.
The Carjacker From Another Dimension
I love weird news stories, you know the kind of stories where people aren’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. I ran across this one while perusing newspapers from around this great nation of ours, and it made me chuckle.
Dateline: Portsmouth, New Hampshire...
Rick Springfield Arrested for DUI
Rocker Rick Springfield was arrested Sunday night in Malibu, CA, and charged with a DUI.
According to TMZ, police initially pulled over the 61-year-old for a traffic violation. However, when they noticed the smell of alcohol, Springfield was subjected to two failed sobriety tests, where he measured …

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