A Moment Of Zan
This week on "A Moment Of Zan" we learn that there's an old school World War II German checkpoint on Marco Island.
Wedding Barf [NSFW VIDEO]
I get married this year, May 19th and both the fiance and I have both had nightmares about it.
My nightmare was that I forgot to send out the invitations and no one showed up to our wedding but the fiance and I. Hence, that was more of a fantasy than a nightmare...
What Do You Hate Most About Flying?
Flying usually just plane sucks!  For me, when I fly, I usually have a nine hour flight to where I'm from (Florida).  I'm usually dehydrated, I'm on three planes in one-day, and I don't eat, just drink.  :-)  So maybe this is my own fault...
Strange Clubs Pop Up on College Campuses
Based on what I’ve seen in newspapers from around the globe, Germany seems to take the lead on people doing strange things.
Here in the United States, Florida seems to be the leader in weirdness, despite appeals in our state capital to “Keep Austin Weird...
Parents Fight During Football Game [VIDEO] [NSFW]
When I was a kid, I played soccer.  I loved to play.
It was a lot of fun, until about Middle School when the other kid's parents started opening their mouths.  And then it wasn't fun anymore.
Now I really hated a lot of the parents for bitching and moaning about "you called that card against my s…
Newly Weds Bring New Meaning To Marriage Being A Prison
Let me break it down for you:

Marriage: when a couple in love makes a sacred vow to love, honor, and cherish each other for the rest of their lives.
The Wedding reception: A celebration of the event with friends and family.

But when the loving couple tries to shoplift over $1,000 worth of merchandis…
Kendra Wolfe Explains What A Hurricane Is Like [VIDEO]
For those of you who have never been in a hurricane, I'll explain it to you.
First, all the news outlets talk about it.  If it's expected to get real bad, you can tell when the weather man has moved into the weather station so he can update you around the clock...

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