fourth of july

Annual Rupert Celebration Kicks off Friday
RUPERT, Idaho (KLIX) – For more than 100 years, Rupert has been Mini-Cassia’s focus come the Fourth of July. It’ll be the same this year – except this year there’ll be a couple of new events at Rupert’s annual five-day …
Home Fireworks Display Gone Wrong [VIDEO]
If your reading this right now it must mean you at least held onto a couple of digits and your eyesight this Fourth of July. Good...and now for a hilarious video of fireworks gone wrong.
1 - The way this dude talks reminds me of home......
4th Of July Committee Needs Donations
The question remains…will there be a 4th of July fireworks display this year on the CSI campus?  The group soliciting donations for this year’s Fourth of July fireworks event needs to come up with about $15,000 by Monday in order to meet the $35,000 dollar goal.