great white

Great White Winners!
After giving away ten pairs of tickets to the Great White show, I'd say it definitely pays to be a Snake VIP!
Now I've already called and e-mailed the winners, but just to make you jealous, here's who won...after the jump!
Win Your Great White VIP Package
Great White is coming to Cactus Pete's for back-to-back shows on February 25th and 26th!  And 98.3 The Snake has tickets!  Not just any tickets, but VIP Passes!  The D-L is after the jump!
Here’s What You Missed From The Great White Interview
I got the honor of interviewing Michael Lardie from Great White yesterday.  This was by far one of the most down to earth, normal, interesting, nice dudes!  Seriously, this guy is cool, he wasn't a d-bag at all!
And thank you to everyone who participated in the Poll: What Would You Ask…