Independence Day

Twin Falls Go Boom
Happy Independence Day! Wait-a-minute... Wasn't Independence on the 4th of July? Well, in my neighborhood it's been an ongoing celebration and it's time to end it.
How Patriotic Is Idaho?
As we approach our great nation's 239th birthday, it seems national pride is on the decline. But how patriotic is Idaho? A recent survey revealed how patriotic each state is, and ended up with quite a few surprises.
Magic Valley Fireworks
If you are planning on finding some fireworks displays, 4th of July fireworks shows will be happening all around the Magic Valley. Check the list for the closest to you.
Ask Chris #202: Scrooge McDuck Is America
Q: Aside from Superman and Captain America what hero is the most fitting representation of The United States? -- @white_dolomite

A: You know, just before I sat down to write this, I was reading some Judge Dredd comics and thinking about how fascinating the idea of Dredd as this distinctly, explicit…

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