Kevin James

Voice Swap Trailers
I have a feeling the Pixels movie is going to be one of the big blockbusters this summer. Not just because the movie looks really good but the pixels are literally all tiny blocks doing some busting!
‘Pixels’ Trailer: It’s On Like Donkey Kong
Lately there haven't been many video game movies that have been very good. There also haven't been many Adam Sandler movies that have been very good. So, how about this Adam Sandler video game movie?... Wait, where are you going?! Pixels is not your standard Adam Sandler or video game movi…
‘Grown Ups 2′ Posters Promise an Unbearable Experience
'Grown Ups 2' actually exists and there are now two new posters to prove it. Despite being critically reviled, 'Grown Ups' made $162 million at the box office, making it one of Adam Sandler's highest-grossing films. Although it's hard to imagine anyone wanting a sequel (did anyone really like the fi…