Lies Idahoans Tell Themselves
We have all done it, lied to ourselves or others to make things easier or because you are trying to make yourself feel better. Here are some lies I have heard Idahoans tell themselves, tell me, and lies I have been guilty of as well.
Do You Tell These White Lies?
Let's be honest when it comes to lies. I realize none of mean to lie but it happens from time to time. So, which lies do you tell the most. According to DirecTV, these are the most common white lies:
Lies They Told Me When I Was A Kid
Growing up in Florida, I swam in a LOT!  So we'd eat lunch or something, then I can remember every parent saying "wait at least a hour before you swim, or you'll get a cramp."  Now that I look back, is that even true?  What other lies have I been told when …