This Guys Valentine’s Day Surprise Was Better Than Yours
Valentine's Day is a day of love and romance and people doing crazy stuff to show how much they care about their partner. A lot of the time the day includes surprises because that makes more sense than planning the day together and relieving a ton of stress! But, sometimes you have to make it a surp…
Three Signs Your Relationship Has Potential
There’s something called the Relationship Research Institute in Seattle.  All they do is study relationships.  It’s like “Cosmo” . . . except it’s run by scientists, not yentas, and they never say awful things like “10 Ways to Please and Tease Your Hubby.”
Dr. John Gottman founded the RRI, and he say…
The Reason People Hold Grudges
The phrase “mommy didn’t love me enough” has been keeping the therapy business alive since day one.  And guess what?  We just found out about a NEW way your mom screwed you up!
Men Don’t Hate Valentine’s Day… They Fear It
It would make sense if men hated Valentine’s Day.  It’s a day where there are about eight billion ways to screw up, and you can only really nail it if you read minds . . . or if years of disappointment have lowered your wife or girlfriend’s exp…