40 Of The Hardest Idaho Names And Places To Pronounce
We have a list of some of the hardest places in Idaho to pronounce in a nifty list. I am going to try my best to phonetically spell them out. If I get them wrong I apologize some of these are even hard for me and my Idahoan friends to correctly say.
13 Idaho Town Names That Sound Naughty
Idaho has some pretty strange town names, some of which even sound naughty. I swear, when you say some of these names you almost feel like you're getting away with saying something you shouldn't.
Idahoans With Famous Names
There have been a lot of fake rumors being passed around on Facebook lately of famous people allegedly moving to different states. So, I decided to do some checking and see if any of these celebrities had relocated to Idaho. The answer to that was a big fat "NO". But, I did find ma…
The Real Names Of Your Favorite Celebrities
This may come as a surprise to you - but sometimes celebrities don't use their real names. But I would never do that to you - my real name is Nate Bird. There is a pretty long list of stars in Hollywood though who have fooled us for years. Here are the real names of your favorite celebrities.
Facebook, Get Over Here!
I’ve heard of some pretty unusual names in my day. Some were in tribute to other people, or even things that inspired the child’s parents. Now, in a tribute to the success of the recent protests in Egypt, an Egyptian man has announced that his firstborn daughter has…