Former Ozzy Manager Explains the Biz
Jeff Dorenfeld who tour-managed Ozzy Osbourne & Sammy Hagar was my music biz professor at Berklee back in the day... looks like he's still at it!  Really wishing now that I hadn't half-hearted my way through his class... damnit.
Ozzy Photobombs Part 3 [PICS]
Seriously, he's still photo bombing?  First, he crashed a gay pride parade.  Next, he "enhanced" a children's performance.  And now, holy sh*t, I'm pretty sure that's he and Sharon photo bombing the queen of England!
Ozzy Photobombs [PICS]
Man, this guy gets around.  Who knew... one of Ozzy's side hobbies: photobombing innocent bystanders for his own glory.
Ozzy Osbourne’s Daughter Suffers Concussion
Dancing can be dangerous for the less rhythmically inclined among us, but even if you’ve been a contestant on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ that doesn’t mean you’re immune from mishaps while you’re out there cutting a rug. That’s exactly what Ozzy Osbourne‘s daughter Kelly recently discovered when a nig…
Today’s Rock News
On Today's Rock News you'll get new music from the Foo Fighters, Steven Tyler and sex and drugs?, AND Ozzy is still in the news - this time he receives an award!
Justin Bieber And Ozzy Teaming Up?
For me the Big Game is about football, beer, hot wings, and commercials.  I love the commercials, when they don't suck at least.  And this year, Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osborne are teaming up for a Best Buy commercial.  The first thing that comes to mind is Bieber auto-tuned repea…